Ayurveda as a complementary treatment for Cancer

Cancer is viewed as a deadly and painful disease. It is a disease with a history of dispersing and causing damage to the tissues and organs around it. Toxins may cause the surrounding cells of an organ to develop fatally when they accumulate at the location of that organ over time. Cell groups cluster together, causing edema at the site. If the toxins are not eliminated, the damaged cells are disseminated to other regions of the body via the bloodstream, affecting nearby cells and tissues. So, in order to enhance the patient’s quality of life, the best ayurvedic cancer hospital in Rishikesh uses ayurvedic cancer treatment that emphasizes regeneration and immunological improvement of the body cells and tissues.

The fundamental distinction between Western and Ayurvedic cancer treatment is that Ayurveda does not use aggressive bodily therapies. Ayurveda promotes the body’s natural healing capacities. Ayurveda uses a variety of treatments and herbs to cleanse and support bodily tissues for spontaneous healing. The first stage is to bring the Tridoshas and Trigunas back into equilibrium. Ayurveda can detect disruptions in the mind-body balance before they occur. It can detect small abnormalities in the early stages of this illness and can assist a patient heal and avoid significant chronic illnesses in both the initial and subsequent phases. Even if a chronic condition such as cancer has been detected, Ayurveda can give significant knowledge of herbs and treatment options at any stage.

Ayurveda can also aid to lessen side effects and assist the body in its healing process during chemotherapy and/or radiation. The reason behind this is that the human body is severely exhausted when subjected to radiation or chemotherapy as the sole option for therapy. So, to help the body through this process; Ayurvedic herbs and medicines keep your strength up and provide energy throughout the recuperation process.

Cancer is a chronic disease that not only affects the body but also the mind. When a person’s progress is stalled, he may feel disappointed. This disrupts the mind and causes a variety of symptoms such as hyperactivity, lethargy, apathy, and even anxiety. The latter three are Tamasic mental attitudes, or the negative component of Tamas, as defined by Ayurveda. Tamas is closely related to the Tridosha Kapha. When a chronic condition, such as cancer, develops, Tamas and Kapha can stimulate each other. Hence, Ayurveda regards psychotherapy as an important component of treatment. Because health can only be achieved by harmonizing the body, mind, and soul.

Tumors include a lot of proteins. So, to inhibit tumor growth, you need to reduce the quantity of protein in your diet. In the event of a loss of appetite, you should eat several modest meals rather than three large ones and drink extra water before and after meals. Furthermore, cold meals should be avoided since they inhibit digestive fire and herbs should be ingested to boost immunity.

The best Ayurvedic cancer treatment in India goes beyond “simple symptom treatment.” Hence, Pancha Karma is advised to stimulate the body’s self-healing potential, soothe the Doshas and Gunas, and eliminate excess Kapha and toxins. Depending on the origin, location of the tumor, and patient strength, vast areas of the body channels are cleaned and the Dhatus fed and regenerated using herbs, food, and complementary therapies. Furthermore, Pancha Karma aids in the rehabilitation of both the body and the mind following chemotherapy.

Ayurveda recommends living according to our disposition, daily and seasonal rhythms, and once in a while a Pancha Karma treatment – to prevent or restore the imbalance of Doshas and Dhatus – and a variety of ailments that can be alleviated at an early stage. Ayurveda teaches that meditation and yoga can aid in mental and physical relaxation while listening to soothing music can aid in healing and calming the mind.

Ayurveda has always looked to nature for inspiration when practicing medicine and makes prudent use of natural resources. Vitamin D has been shown to protect against tumor growth; natural sources of vitamin D include fatty fish, eggs, and vegetable oils. Furthermore, eating more sattvic foods and minimizing your meat consumption (especially red meat) helps balance your body and mind, or your Doshas and Gunas. Sattvic foods include energetic foods such as milk, cereals, fresh fruits and (leafy) vegetables, pure fruit juices, butter & fresh cheese, sprouts, fresh nuts, seeds, honey, and herbal teas.

The resultant view of the best Ayurvedic cancer treatment in India allows for the development of tailored therapy modules based on cause variables. The causative element is one of the three Doshas that hinders proper functional communication owing to lifestyle behaviors, food, pharmaceutical side effects, environmental toxins, or psychosomatic factors. The causes of Dosha function disturbance are limitless. However, when recognized, they are eradicated to inhibit the re-establishment of the body-mind equilibrium.

Identification of causative variables that impede immune response therapies that restore equilibrium also allows the inherent power (Bala) of immunity to appear on a broad scale. When the intrinsic strength is enough, purified cellular nutrition extract (Ojas) allows and promotes proper cellular functional communication. The enzyme activity found in all cellular activities is then activated to eliminate any non-digested chemicals that had collected over time and been deposited throughout the tissues by the circulatory system. This combined action allows for an increase in cancer cell suppression mechanisms, resulting in cancer cell decrease and proliferation.

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