Cancer Treatment other than Chemo

Why you should search for the Best Cancer Treatment other than Chemo?

Traditional cancer treatment strategies are all based on the assumption that the patient's benefit is served by destroying the tumor as completely as possible. When planning the radiation and drug treatment, they try to set a high therapeutic intensity that is still bearable for the patient.

There are often tumor cells that survive even the most drastic therapy and rebuild a tumor that is much more difficult to attack the second time around. In the absence of further treatment, they start growing again almost immediately.

Chemotherapy is a harsh poison

Anyone who receives a cancer diagnosis immediately thinks of chemotherapy and the side effects associated with the treatment. The side effects of chemotherapy include fatigue, hair loss, easy bruising and bleeding, an infection, a rash, nausea and vomiting, changes in appetite, constipation, diarrhea, swelling of the mouth or throat, intense itching, difficulty swallowing, numbness, tingling, pain, dry skin, changes in urine and bladder function, kidney problems, weight changes, changes in mood and behavior, changes in libido and sexual function, and fertility issues.

Why do chemo side effects occur?

Chemotherapy treatments kill rapidly expanding cells, and cancer cells typically develop quickly. However, because these medications circulate throughout the body, they may also have an impact on rapidly proliferating, healthy, normal cells. There are adverse effects when healthy cells are damaged. The bone marrow's blood-forming cells and hair follicles are the normal cells most likely to be harmed by chemotherapy. Some chemotherapy medications can harm the cells in the nervous system, heart, kidneys, bladder, and lungs.

What is the timeframe of side effects?

When chemotherapy permanently damages the heart, lungs, kidneys, or reproductive organs, for example, the adverse effects can sometimes endure a lifetime. Many years after receiving some types of chemotherapy, a second cancer may develop as one of the sometimes-delayed side effects.

How to ease side effects and handle this challenging time?

To help protect your body's healthy cells from the chemotherapy, you may occasionally take medications. But you can seek to natural remedies if you're tired of taking medication to treat your problems. You can alleviate chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting with ginger. Also ginseng helps lessen weariness brought on by cancer when taken in high dosages. The Neeraj Ayurvedic Cancer Foundation is providing you not only nitrients, but also psychological & spiritual medical care to help your body heal itself .

Can you choose therapy other than chemo?

You have the right to make the final decisions regarding your care, but your doctor will provide what he or she believes to be the best treatment options for your particular cancer kind and stage while also taking into account your general health.

Note: previous research has demonstrated that chemotherapy is generally worthless for terminally ill patients ; for non-small cell lung cancer patients, for instance, the third round of chemotherapy was linked to a 2% response rate in tumor shrinking, while the fourth round showed 0% response. Furthermore, no tumor shrinking that did occur was associated with a longer life.

Living with cancer

Some researchers and doctors are urging a paradigm shift in oncology. In their opinion, instead of striving for a complete cure for cancer, cancer should be transformed into a kind of chronic condition that can be lived with for decades. According to the new strategy, in order for tumors to be controlled in the long term, we should not attack them as head-on as we have done until now. Cancer is actually not to be defeated, but to be kept at bay.

Stable coexistence with tumors is not merely a theoretical possibility , but an existing and long-known phenomenon. In young and middle-aged women autopsied for other reasons, malignant breast tumors are found with a surprisingly high frequency, which did not produce clinical symptoms during the patients' lives.

All this suggests that tumors often have a kind of self-regulating dynamics without external intervention , and it is possible that an unwisely applied early treatment disrupts this internal balance . The Neeraj Ayurvedic Cancer Foundation is providing you with a Cancer Treatment Plan other than Chemo that nourishes your body, makes up for lost nutrients, and gets rid of toxins that have accumulated. After your alternative medicine cancer treatment, your body will be reinvigorated, with a stronger immune system that will be better able to keep you well.

Can your body therefore combat cancer by itself?

In fact, it's conceivable that your immune system defends against cancer or pre-cancer on a frequent basis without your knowledge. To avoid developing cancer that can be seen on the surface of the body, each of us has a mechanism that filters out a tiny number of cancer cells.

What signs are there that your body is battling cancer?

Excessive exhaustion or fatigue that does not improve with rest. Skin alterations like a lump that bleeds or becomes scaly, a mole that develops or changes, a wound that doesn't heal, or a yellowish tint to the skin or eyes (jaundice).

How Ayurveda can help in cancer treatment?

Nowadays, patient adherence will be low as a result of insufficient knowledge transfer, patients won't be able to participate in treatment-related decision-making, and this will ultimately affect therapeutic outcomes. Appropriate counseling improves the quality of life for patients. If you have any doubts about your health, please visit our Center in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India.

We start by ayurvedic doctor consultation to determine which natural remedies are best for you and your specific health conditions. Following diagnosis, your treatment strategy is created to target the underlying cause of your illness rather than only cure the symptoms .

We'll put in place a Cancer Treatment other than Chemo that nourishes your body, making up for missed nutrients and eliminating toxins that have collected. Your body will be revitalized after your alternative medicine cancer therapy, with a stronger immune system that will be better able to keep you well.

A person is happy when he has life-giving goals that are worth fighting for. Which is why so important that progress towards them fills a person with a sense of happiness.